Sponsor A Child

Welcome to Our Child Sponsorship Page

We are so pleased that you are interested in sponsoring a child at Bless The Children Home.We are a private organization located in Guyana, South America. We observe Christian Bible Values, but our children do not have to be Christians to be accepted in our home. Many of the children arrive to us as Muslims of Hindus and recently Rastafarian.

Number of Children and How Do They Come to Us

We currently have 27 children (boys and girls) living at our home. Over the years we’ve had many, many more come through our home. Our children are sent to us directly from the Social Services Department in Guyana. Some of the children have had the opportunity to return to their homes and have asked if they could remain with us. We provide a peaceful, loving environment complete with the daily needs of each child.


We use the public education system in Guyana, but hope to in the future add private training or a private school as an alternative. We are always looking for qualified tutors who are available after school and during school breaks to tutor children in Math and Reading. Please contact us here if you would like to participate in this program.


There are two types of monthly sponsorship available. We are a 501(c)3 organization and you will receive a tax receipt for all donations made in the United States.

Option 1 – Individual Child Sponsorship

This is available to allow you to sponsor a child per month. We do not offer a specific child for sponsorship as children may change due to family situations being repaired. We are always happy to reunite children with their family when that is possible as a win-win for both of them. Although it is rare for this to happen, we have had it happen a few times in the past. The monthly child sponsorship suggested donation is: $200.

Your sponsorship allows us to keep the basic needs of the children met. We have staff to pay to take care of the day to day needs to the children. We have food, clothing and shelter needs to address as well. Their educational needs are also fulfilled as the need arises. So, if you would like to become a monthly sponsor, we would be extremely thankful to have you on board. When in Guyana, please be sure to stop in and visit with us.

Become a Monthly Sponsor: $200/month

Become a Monthly Sponsor: $100/month


This option is available for businesses and individuals who would like to choose us as one of their charitable organizations. We are in need of corporate sponsorship or philanthropic individual donors to help us move forward in our efforts to build a strong supportive community for our children. It is expected that each child only stay in an orphanage for a short (less than a year) period of time. However, we have learned from experience that this is rarely the case. We have had some of our children since they were five and five years later they are still with us. Most of their most impressionable years have been with us. We want to provide for our children a way to be trained and given a head start when they enter adulthood.

Our Goals

  1. Educational: developing an educational bridge program to support the most under educated first and then those at their grade level. Most of our kids come to us without ever going to school. At ten years old some of them can’t even write their own names. After enough sponsorship has been acquired, we will replace their public school experience with a private experience we have developed in partnership with the Ministry of Education.
  2. Life Skills: For our children 15 and older we would like to provide life skills training that allows them to develop any talents outside of educational arena that may one day allow them to own their own business. We would also like to teach them life skills of maintaining their finances, finding the right spouse and parenting skills to help them not repeat cycles that have been in their family line.
  3. Higher Education: Some of our current children show much progress and desire for college. One of our girls is currently very eager to pursue medicine. We want to be able to help them pursue these dreams.
  4. Infrastructure: One of our current needs involves power outages. This interrupts our day to day activities and can cause our stockpile of refrigerated food to feed 27 children to be in danger of doing bad all at once. These unpredictable situations makes it difficult to plan with much accuracy for the basic necessities of life. For this reason, we would like to establish automatic backup power supply for these times of power outages.

We hope that you would consider us as one of the charities you would like to support with a monthly support or one time yearly support.

Corporate Sponsorship Levels:

Level 1 – $1,000 monthly –

Level 2 – $5,000 monthly –

Level 3 – $10,000 monthly –

Other –

Thank You!

We are thankful for any amount you can donate to this ministry. It is our goal to help these children succeed in life as much as possible. If you have any more questions, please contact us anytime 717-917-8101. Or you can email us anytime.